How to prevent the problems we are having

Since we wouldn’t want to destroy our planet, we should know how to prevent these  problems we are to encounter. Some of the problems we need to prevent is global warming. It is a very big effect in our planet and in order to prevent these problems we must know what to do. Here is a list of how to prevent catastrophe in our Earth. Some may also benefit your life. These are :

1.) Avoid high gas prices and carbon emissions

You will avoid rising prices at the gas pump and dramatically reduce your daily carbon emissions by selling your car. Buying a hybrid vehicle is one thing, but you’re still highly dependent upon fossil fuel for energy.

You will become healthier by riding a bicycle. Curb your addiction to cars, sell your vehicle, and become more mobile by using a bike, or public transportation such as the bus, subway, or train. There may even be carsharing programs in your city. There are numerous transportation alternatives to owning and driving a car.

If your daily commute is more than a few miles away from your home, you may want to consider moving to a closer location to your job. Living car-free is a liberating experience and you will learn to prevent global warming on your way to work.

2.) Eat fresh, local foods for a healthy environment and you

There has been an influx of organic food in supermarkets over the past several years. But of equal importance to consider is where that food is coming from. For example, how much of the produce in your supermarket is being transported halfway around the world? Check the stickers on those apples and peaches and you’ll see ” Produce of Chile”, “Mexico”, or “China”. Also important to note: how much of that food is actually in season? The transportation of food is a major contributor to greenhouse gases.

Easy ways for you to get low carbon food are:

  • Buying things that are actually in season.
  • Buying locally-grown fruits and vegetables at farmers markets.
  • Joining a CSA.

You’ll massively reduce the carbon from your food if you follow the above advice. Plus, eating locally-grown, fresh foods is not only better for the planet, it’s healthier for you, too.

3.) Learn how to reduce your home’s carbon footprint

Do you realize that modern houses are built using synthetic products and other materials with high embodied energy? Sadly, this means that modern homes are huge contributors to global warming. For example, concrete is (amazingly) thesecond most consumed material on earth, right behind water, and it takes a huge amount of energy to produce it. Not only that, the manufacturing process is highly polluting.

You can lower your energy bills with a home that is designed for maximum energy efficiency. One of the most simple things to consider learning about is passive solar design. Passive solar homes feature smart design considerations that can dramatically decrease the need for active energy heating and cooling systems. In other words, passive solar homes stay cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter with lesser need for air conditioning and heating. Greater energy efficiency equals a lesser carbon footprint.

Explode your conceptions of what a home can really be. You can take a workshopon how to build a straw bale home or a cob building, if you want to take it even further. Both of these natural building techniques stress the use of local and natural building materials, such as straw bales, sand, and clay. Natural building is an important movement towards a lower impact and environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

4.) Keep money in your pocket and carbon out of the air

Globalized, capitalist society thrives on rampant consumerism. And it is this system that is helping to degrade the environment and contribute to global climate change. But you can take a jab at the consumerism machine by reducing your consumption. For example, you can do this by buying used clothing, joining a co-op, and participating in events like Buy Nothing Day. There are endless means by which you can learn to live more simply, and in turn, more lightly upon the earth.

Live happily by simplifying your life. Your carbon footprint will be immediately reduced by consuming less. Big media would never tell you to “consume less” since consumerism is the very thing keeping our broken economy running. (About 70% of the US GDP is attributed to consumer spending, after all.)

You can defy big media, shun consumerism, and in turn, help prevent global climate change and promote a simpler, happier lifestyle. Try it.

5.) Live your values happily with friends

It can be hard to fight global warming if you are not surrounded by people who share your values and support your choices.  However, you can easily change this by moving to an ecovillage. For example, I’ve been living off the grid for over a year in a community striving to fight ecological problems like global warming.

Learn about this amazing place and you’ll be amazed. Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage’smission represents a holistic attempt to tackle ecological and cultural change in a profound way.

You can make a huge difference by supporting ecovillages as they create change, both ecological and cultural, on a grander scale than seen anywhere else in society. There are many ecovillages scattered all over the globe, each with its own organization and mission, but all dedicated to living more lightly upon the earth through various means.

You can have a happier and simpler lifestyle if you live in community. Manyecovillages have visitor programs that allow you to see how wonderful and fulfilling life can when you live more simply and cooperatively.

To find more about prevention, please visit this site, on how to take care of ourselves and our common home.


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